2023 L1 Section Access

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** These packages are intended for candidates currently scheduled or planning to write the 2023 CFAI exams ONLY


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Package Features

** These packages are intended for candidates writing the 2023 CFAI exams ONLY

  • Thorough, in-depth videos that cover every aspect of the CFA program curriculum; LOS-by-LOS
  • on-site forum participation for each Reading to discuss material with other candidates
  • Video walkthroughs covering EOC questions from the CFAI books
  • Seminar videos with a more in-depth explanation for harder concepts
  • Lecture PDF notes
  • Q-Bank; Quizzes available for select readings
  • One-Fee-To-Pass
    – if unsuccessful in the 2023 exam attempt, package access (for the same Level) will be extended to the candidate’s next exam date at no charge
    – NEW: For 2023 packages and onwards the OFTP will include exam deferrals; candidates will be required to provide the registration receipt for the new exam date for their subscription to be extended.
    ** further details can be found within the Terms & Conditions

*Note: Sections are NOT archived; this option is only available for Full Packages


Package subscriptions for the 2023 CFAI exams are for current CFA candidates EXCLUSIVELY; non-CFA candidates are restricted from purchase (verification may be required).

**IF you have already purchased THIS package for a previous year, you could be eligible for a credit to be applied to the package price.
The credit MUST be applied before completing the order; it is NOT available after the purchase is completed.
Please check the MY ACCOUNT page for eligibility or email our Care Specialists here


Reading Videos 12:44:06
Seminar Videos 01:23:15
EOCQ Videos 05:52:25
Review Videos 02:03:13
Total Video Duration 22:02:59
R1: The Time Value of Money (02:29:10)
R2: Organizing, Visualizing, and Describing Data (03:42:10)
R3: Probability Concepts (03:14:02)
R4: Common Probability Distributions (03:05:54)
R5: Sampling and Estimation (02:18:55)
R6: Hypothesis Testing (04:06:43)
R7: Introduction to Linear Regression (03:06:05)


Reading Videos 02:10:59
Seminar Videos 03:48:56
EOCQ Videos 00:45:02
Review Videos 00:31:53
Total Video Duration 07:16:50
R8: Topics in Demand and Supply Analysis (01:58:04)
R9: The Firm and Market Structures (01:29:50)


Reading Videos 13:11:56
Seminar Videos 00:37:09
EOCQ Videos 02:49:34
Review Videos 02:17:54
Total Video Duration 18:56:33
R10: Aggregate Output, Prices, and Economic Growth (03:47:43)
R11: Understanding Business Cycles (03:03:39)
R12: Monetary and Fiscal Policy (03:29:16)
R13: Introduction to Geopolitics (01:17:20)
R14: International Trade and Capital Flows (03:25:07)
R15: Currency Exchange Rates (03:53:28)


Reading Videos 15:28:49
Seminar Videos 01:20:54
EOCQ Videos 06:27:37
Review Videos 02:52:46
Total Video Duration 26:10:06
R16: Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis (00:39:11)
R17: Financial Reporting Standards (00:51:25)
R18: Understanding Income Statements (02:50:37)
R19: Understanding Balance Sheets (02:06:25)
R20: Understanding Cash Flow Statements (02:11:04)
R21: Financial Analysis Techniques (02:36:35)
R22: Inventories (04:03:16)
R23: Long-Lived Assets (03:21:38)
R24: Income Taxes (03:06:26)
R25: Non-Current (Long-Term) Liabilities (01:46:42)
R26: Financial Reporting Quality (01:37:11)
R27: Applications of Financial Statement Analysis (00:35:52)


Reading Videos 08:17:27
EOCQ Videos 03:16:05
Review Videos 00:44:39
Total Video Duration 12:18:11
R28: Corporate Structures and Ownership (00:46:26)
R29: Introduction to Corporate Governance and Other ESG Considerations (01:20:57)
R30: Business Models & Risks (01:39:40)
R31: Capital Investments (01:22:33)
R32: Working Capital & Liquidity (01:03:30)
R33: Cost of Capital-Foundational Topics (01:52:13)
R34: Capital Structure (02:28:43)
R35: Measures of Leverage (01:44:09)


Reading Videos 09:42:38
EOCQ Videos 03:01:15
Review Videos 01:25:03
Total Video Duration 14:08:56
R36: Market Organization and Structure (03:18:11)
R37: Security Market Indexes (02:24:16)
R38: Market Efficiency (01:33:46)
R39: Overview of Equity Securities (01:40:11)
R40: Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis (01:42:14)
R41: Equity Valuation: Concepts and Basic Tools (03:30:18)


Reading Videos 12:23:12
Seminar Videos 02:13:24
EOCQ Videos 03:43:41
Review Videos 02:17:19
Total Video Duration 20:37:36
R42: Fixed-Income Securities: Defining Elements (01:57:18)
R43: Fixed-Income Markets: Issuance, Trading, and Funding (01:38:29)
R44: Introduction to Fixed-Income Valuation (04:49:10)
R45: Introduction to Asset-Backed Securities (04:29:20)
R46: Understanding Fixed-Income Risk and Return (05:05:13)
R47: Fundamentals of Credit Analysis (02:38:06)


Reading Videos 07:00:33
Seminar Videos 01:41:52
EOCQ Videos 01:38:50
Total Video Duration 10:21:15
R48: Derivative Instrument and Derivative Market Features (00:48:18)
R49: Forward Commitment and Contingent Claim Features and Instruments (01:12:52)
R50: Derivative Benefits, Risks, and Issuer and Investor Uses (00:41:48)
R51: Arbitrage, Replication, and the Cost of Carry in Pricing Derivatives (00:59:32)
R52: Pricing and Valuation of Forward Contracts and for an Underlying with Varying Maturities (01:15:24)
R53: Pricing and Valuation of Futures Contracts (00:41:02)
R54: Pricing and Valuation of Interest Rates and Other Swaps (01:06:48)
R55: Pricing and Valuation of Options (00:48:04)
R56: Option Replication Using Put-Call Parity (00:30:47)
R57: Valuing a Derivative Using a One-Period Binomial Model (02:16:40)


Reading Videos 02:17:04
EOCQ Videos 00:43:46
Review Videos 00:29:40
Total Video Duration 03:30:30
R58: Alternative Investments Module 1 – 3 (03:30:30)


Reading Videos 11:47:02
Seminar Videos 00:45:00
EOCQ Videos 02:40:06
Review Videos 01:52:51
Total Video Duration 17:04:59
R59: Portfolio Management: An Overview (01:21:43)
R60: Portfolio Risk and Return: Part I (04:12:32)
R61: Portfolio Risk and Return: Part II (03:54:26)
R62: Basics of Portfolio Planning and Construction (01:02:43)
R63: The Behavioural Biases of Individuals (01:27:56)
R64: Introduction to Risk Management (02:07:42)
R65: Technical Analysis (02:06:46)
R66: Fintech in Investment Management (00:51:11)


Reading Videos 08:34:19
EOCQ Videos 02:20:45
Review Videos 00:23:38
Total Video Duration 11:18:42
R67: Ethics and Trust in the Investment Profession (01:00:17)
R68: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (00:42:51)
R69: Guidance for Standards I–VII (05:51:00)
R70: Introduction to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) (00:21:55)
R71: Ethics Application (03:22:39)