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Please follow these instructions if you have questions pertaining to the following:

  • I deferred or failed my exam; how do I extend my package?
  • Where can I go to extend my package?
  • How do I regain access to my study materials?

To complete these processes, simply visit the "My Account" tab -> "Defer / Upgrade". You can follow the steps on the page to extend your course access. There are examples of the required documents on the page. Please make sure the PDFs are in their original form. The system will notify you of any fees to extend your package.

Some of the most common issues regarding PDFs are:

  • Exam registration receipt is not for an upcoming exam period;
  • Exam registration receipt name does not match your MM contact information; and
  • Document(s) are NOT in the original PDF format.

If you still have issues with uploading your documents, please complete a support request below and a Candidate Care Specialist will be happy to assist you.