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Financial Risk Management - Gold Standard in Risk

Recently MarkMeldrum.com joined an elite family of leading financial education providers, including Bionic Turtle’s FRM.

The FRM certification is the best known and most respected designation for financial risk.

Add CFA and it’s a great combination to have!

Bionic Turtle knows what it takes to pinpoint FRM Part I and FRM Part II exam success. By far, our Financial Risk Management (FRM) question bank is the deepest you’ll find – from the highest quantity of questions, to the most in-depth training database with a focus on difficulty. It is truly the bread and butter of your preparation process.
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1st and only FRM provider with actionable learning spreadsheets you can use to boost your
career readiness.
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Deepest digital question bank in the market that effectively and efficiently prepares candidates
to pass.
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Higher pass rate for candidates who successfully complete our study program.

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