2022 – Level 1 – Mock Exams

$80.00 USD

Mock Exams will be available on December 15, 2021
Package expires on March 2, 2022
Mock Exams will be available on March 1, 2022
Package expires on May 27, 2022
Mock Exams will be available on June 15, 2022
Package expires on September 5, 2022
Mock Exams will be available on September 15, 2022
Package expires on November 30, 2022



Package Features

This package provides a total of THREE (3) FULL and unique mock exams
(3 x AM + 3 x PM):

  • Mock exams are electronically generated and delivered ONLY
    (there are no PDF versions and exams are not permitted to be converted in any way than originally delivered)
  • A different mock generates every time you select “create an exam” … for BOTH the AM and the PM sessions.


Additional Features:

  • your scores are benchmarked against your peers
    … each exam is weighted against other candidates to give you an idea of where you fall for an MM mock average score; this includes individual question stats as well!

  • save your exams and review them later
    … once completed, you will have the option to save your mock so you can review it (while the package is still active)

  • Should you exhaust all of the unique questions and want to do more, the system will randomize the questions (ones you have already seen, from the entire exam database) and create another mock for you … and another … and another
    … you can do as many mocks as you want and no two mocks will be the same.

  • Add a timer!
    … test and train yourself for the real deal by adding a timer so you ensure that on Exam day, you don’t run out of time.


** this package is for the November 2022 exam ONLY and expires as of November 30th, 2022 
(exam packages for later exam windows will be introduced at later dates closer to those actual exam windows)


Package subscriptions for the 2022 CFAI exams are for current CFA candidates EXCLUSIVELY; non-CFA candidates are restricted from purchase (verification may be required).


This package is covered by the MM.com One-Fee-To-Pass
… if a candidate receives results indicating they are unsuccessful in their exam attempt, they can submit the exam results and the new registration receipt to extend THIS package through to the new exam date.

… for more information on the OFTP, please review the Terms & Conditions.