Tutoring/Counselling Hours

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Package Features

We have retained a large number of Charterholders that have recently completed Level 3, with us – these are MM Mentors.

While each mentor can help with all subjects, each do specialize in a particular section that matches what they do in their career.    

The Tutoring/Counselling Session:
These one-on-one sessions with a mentor provide candidates with the additional help/guidance they need to cover specific topics or concepts on the material itself or simply provide experience or recommendations on anything related to the studying/CFA exam process.

Candidates have used these sessions for:

  • reviewing that one concept that just don’t seem to click
  • going over EOCQ’s that just aren’t registering 
  • reviewing study plans
  • going over exam results
… these are just a few things that our mentors can help with!

Purchasing this Tutoring/Counselling Session Add-On will provide you with an account credit – equivalent of the tutoring session fee – and will be stored on your account.
Once you are ready to book the session, visit the REQUEST A TUTOR  link (within the “My Videos” page) and schedule your session. Upon checkout, you would apply your credit to complete the order request.

*** these sessions can also be purchased directly within the site