2021 – Level III – Full Access

$415.00 CAD


Mock Exams will be available on June 15, 2021
Package expires on September 10, 2021
Mock Exams will be available on September 15, 2021
Package expires on December 3, 2021



Package Features

Reading Videos 60:18:42
Seminar Videos 08:55:35
EOCQ Videos 18:21:12
Review Videos 09:52:29
Total Video Duration 97:27:58
  • Thorough, in-depth videos that cover every aspect of the CFA program curriculum; LOS-by-LOS
  • Video walkthroughs covering EOC questions from the CFAI books
  • Seminar videos with a more in-depth explanation for harder concepts
  • Lecture PDF notes
  • App Access for offline video viewing
  • Candidate forum section for each reading
  • Q-Bank; Quizzes available for select readings (1700+ questions)
  • MarkMeldrum.com mock exams (AM & PM):
    – online delivery
    – online scoring entry system (AM sessions)
    – automatic grading (PM sessions)
    – statistics to measure your results against a group benchmark
  • Drop-in AM mock exam Grading Sessions (**November session ONLY)
    – pre-scheduled drop-in sessions to discuss the exam questions specific to each MM mock.
    (schedule will be released closer to the release of the mock exams)
  • Formula sheet for quick reference

*NOTE: mock exams are released according to the examination window chosen at the time of purchase; ensure you are choosing the correct date.

Book 1

Reading Videos 08:30:51
EOCQ Videos 02:22:56
Review Videos 00:23:40
Total Video Duration 11:17:27


R1: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (00:20:18)
R2: Guidance for Standards I–VII (06:44:24)
R3: Application of the Code and Standards: Level III (02:04:19)
R4: Professionalism in the Investment Industry (00:22:50)
R5: Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct (00:32:17)
R6: Overview of the Global Investment Performance Standards (01:13:19)

Book 2

Reading Videos 06:47:52
Seminar Videos 00:16:30
EOCQ Videos 02:45:36
Review Videos 01:28:00
Total Video Duration 11:17:58


R7: The Behavioral Finance Perspective (01:48:31)
R8: The Behavioral Biases of Individuals (02:14:42)
R9: Behavioral Finance and Investment Processes (02:03:16)
R10: Capital Market Expectations, Part I: Framework and Macro Considerations (01:59:46)
R11: Capital Market Expectations, Part II: Forecasting Asset Class Returns (03:11:43)

Book 3

Reading Videos 11:35:09
Seminar Videos 03:23:15
EOCQ Videos 03:00:30
Review Videos 01:53:00
Total Video Duration 19:51:54


R12: Overview of Asset Allocation (01:47:57)
R13: Principles of Asset Allocation (04:01:29)
R14: Asset Allocation with Real-World Constraints (01:39:50)
R15: Option Strategies (05:13:49)
R16: Swaps, Forwards, and Futures Strategies (02:49:28)
R17: Currency Management: An Introduction (04:19:21)

Book 4

Reading Videos 11:39:56
Seminar Videos 03:58:16
EOCQ Videos 05:21:04
Review Videos 02:38:04
Total Video Duration 23:37:20


R18: Overview of Fixed-Income Portfolio Management (01:48:10)
R19: Liability-Driven and Index-Based Strategies (04:26:41)
R20: Yield Curve Strategies (08:06:31)
R21: Fixed-Income Active Management: Credit Strategies (02:17:32)
R22: Overview of Equity Portfolio Management (00:55:11)
R23: Passive Equity Investing (01:13:43)
R24: Active Equity Investing: Strategies (02:12:45)
R25: Active Equity Investing: Portfolio Construction (02:36:47)

Book 5

Reading Videos 12:25:55
EOCQ Videos 03:08:12
Review Videos 02:49:30
Total Video Duration 18:23:37


R26: Hedge Fund Strategies (03:28:33)
R27: Asset Allocation to Alternative Investments (02:14:32)
R28: Overview of Private Wealth Management (02:43:51)
R29: Taxes and Private Wealth Management in a Global Context (02:38:08)
R30: Estate Planning in a Global Context (02:30:29)
R31: Concentrated Single-Asset Positions (02:44:53)
R32: Risk Management for Individuals (02:03:11)

Book 6

Reading Videos 09:18:59
Seminar Videos 00:14:31
EOCQ Videos 01:42:54
Review Videos 00:40:15
Total Video Duration 11:56:39


R33: Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors (04:53:26)
R34: Trade Strategy and Execution (02:47:14)
R35: Portfolio Performance Evaluation (03:10:35)
R36: Investment Manager Selection (01:05:24)