2020 – Level II – Full Access

$330.00 CAD


Reading Videos 97:46:20
Seminar Videos 10:49:04
EOCQ Videos 42:45:59
Review Videos 16:15:04
Total Video Duration 167:36:27
  • Thorough, in-depth videos that cover every aspect of the CFA program curriculum; LOS-by-LOS
  • Videos covering the EOC questions from the CFAI books
  • Seminar videos giving a more in-depth explanation for harder concepts
  • Screenshot PDF notes
  • Video comment sections
  • Rapid question response time by Dr. Mark himself
  • Q-Bank; Quizzes available for select readings
  • Formula sheet for quick reference
  • Reading videos archive when package expires


**All reading videos are available to download for offline viewing (limit of 10 downloads per week unless accounts are verified as CFA candidates)


Reading Videos 06:20:40
EOCQ Videos 02:22:56
Review Videos 00:23:40
Total Video Duration 09:07:16
R1: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (00:20:18)
R2: Guidance for Standards I–VII (06:44:24)
R3: Application of the Code and Standards: Level II (02:02:34)


Reading Videos 08:10:02
Seminar Videos 02:41:21
EOCQ Videos 06:07:12
Review Videos 01:14:17
Total Video Duration 18:12:52
R4: Introduction to Linear Regression (02:58:58)
R5: Multiple Regression (04:31:40)
R6: Time-Series Analysis (05:36:23)
R7: Machine Learning (03:33:47)
R8: Big Data Projects (01:03:12)
R9: Excerpt from “Probabilistic Approaches: Scenario Analysis, …" (© Aswath Damodaran) (00:28:52)


Reading Videos 08:29:00
Seminar Videos 00:55:19
EOCQ Videos 01:35:31
Review Videos 01:35:50
Total Video Duration 12:35:40
R10: Currency Exchange Rates: Understanding Equilibrium Value (07:20:49)
R11: Economic Growth and the Investment Decision (04:22:57)
R12: Economics of Regulation (00:51:54)


Reading Videos 13:11:07
Seminar Videos 00:49:53
EOCQ Videos 05:36:02
Review Videos 02:31:39
Total Video Duration 22:08:41
R13: Intercorporate Investments (03:05:31)
R14: Employee Compensation: Post-Employment and Share-Based (05:08:44)
R15: Multinational Operations (05:26:15)
R16: Analysis of Financial Institutions (02:16:06)
R17: Evaluating Quality of Financial Reports (03:20:28)
R18: Integration of Financial Statement Analysis Techniques (02:51:37)

Corporate Finance

Reading Videos 08:27:58
EOCQ Videos 04:09:14
Review Videos 01:16:21
Total Video Duration 13:53:33
R19: Capital Budgeting (04:41:17)
R20: Capital Structure (02:34:35)
R21: Analysis of Dividends and Share Repurchases (02:51:10)
R22: Corporate Governance and Other ESG Considerations in Investment Analysis (00:46:56)
R23: Mergers and Acquisitions (02:59:35)


Reading Videos 20:42:26
EOCQ Videos 11:09:50
Review Videos 02:23:57
Total Video Duration 34:16:13
R24: Equity Valuation: Applications and Processes (01:49:54)
R25: Return Concepts (03:16:38)
R26: Industry and Company Analysis (05:33:36)
R27: Discounted Dividend Valuation (05:16:37)
R28: Free Cash Flow Valuation (05:22:29)
R29: Market-Based Valuation: Prices and Enterprise Value Multiples (06:09:21)
R30: Residual Income Valuation (03:41:20)
R31: Private Company Valuation (03:06:18)

Fixed Income

Reading Videos 09:23:51
Seminar Videos 01:16:53
EOCQ Videos 04:17:01
Review Videos 01:42:53
Total Video Duration 16:40:38
R32: The Term Structure and Interest Rate Dynamics (04:55:48)
R33: The Arbitrage-Free Valuation Framework (02:50:24)
R34: Valuation and Analysis of Bonds with Embedded Options (03:29:31)
R35: Credit Analysis Models (03:32:13)
R36: Credit Default Swaps (01:52:42)


Reading Videos 06:28:13
Seminar Videos 03:22:12
EOCQ Videos 01:29:14
Review Videos 01:03:16
Total Video Duration 12:22:55
R37: Pricing and Valuation of Forward Commitments (06:01:56)
R38: Valuation of Contingent Claims (06:20:59)

Alt. Inv.

Reading Videos 08:25:16
EOCQ Videos 02:35:57
Review Videos 01:53:07
Total Video Duration 12:54:20
R39: Private Real Estate Investments (03:28:07)
R40: Publicly Traded Real Estate Securities (02:07:45)
R41: Private Equity Valuation (04:02:22)
R42: Introduction to Commodities and Commodity Derivatives (03:16:06)

Port. Managment

Reading Videos 08:07:47
Seminar Videos 01:43:26
EOCQ Videos 03:23:02
Review Videos 02:10:04
Total Video Duration 15:24:19
R43: Exchange-Traded Funds: Mechanics and Applications (01:33:40)
R44: Using Multifactor Models (02:13:21)
R45: Measuring and Managing Market Risk (02:58:11)
R46: Economics and Investment Markets (02:11:50)
R47: Analysis of Active Portfolio Management (05:06:20)
R48: Trading Costs and Electronic Markets (01:20:57)