2020 – Level III – Section Access

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Reading Videos 60:18:42
Seminar Videos 07:52:32
EOCQ Videos 18:21:12
Review Videos 09:52:29
Total Video Duration 96:24:55
  • Thorough, in-depth videos that cover every aspect of the CFA program curriculum; LOS-by-LOS
  • Videos covering the EOC questions from the CFAI books
  • Seminar videos giving a more in-depth explanation for harder concepts
  • Screenshot PDF notes
  • Video comment sections
  • Rapid question response time by Dr. Mark himself
  • Q-Bank; Quizzes available for select readings

*Note: Sections are NOT archived; this option is only available for Full Packages

**All reading videos are available to download for offline viewing (limit of 10 downloads per week unless accounts are verified as CFA candidates)

Book 1

Reading Videos 08:30:51
EOCQ Videos 02:22:56
Review Videos 00:23:40
Total Video Duration 11:17:27
R1: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (00:20:18)
R2: Guidance for Standards I–VII (06:44:24)
R3: Application of the Code and Standards: Level III (02:04:19)
R4: Professionalism in the Investment Industry (00:22:50)
R5: Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct (00:32:17)
R6: Overview of the Global Investment Performance Standards (01:13:19)

Book 2

Reading Videos 06:47:52
Seminar Videos 00:16:30
EOCQ Videos 02:45:36
Review Videos 01:28:00
Total Video Duration 11:17:58
R7: The Behavioral Finance Perspective (01:48:31)
R8: The Behavioral Biases of Individuals (02:14:42)
R9: Behavioral Finance and Investment Processes (02:03:16)
R10: Capital Market Expectations, Part I: Framework and Macro Considerations (01:59:46)
R11: Capital Market Expectations, Part II: Forecasting Asset Class Returns (03:11:43)

Book 3

Reading Videos 11:35:09
Seminar Videos 03:23:15
EOCQ Videos 03:00:30
Review Videos 01:53:00
Total Video Duration 19:51:54
R12: Overview of Asset Allocation (01:47:57)
R13: Principles of Asset Allocation (04:01:29)
R14: Asset Allocation with Real-World Constraints (01:39:50)
R15: Option Strategies (05:13:49)
R16: Swaps, Forwards, and Futures Strategies (02:49:28)
R17: Currency Management: An Introduction (04:19:21)

Book 4

Reading Videos 11:39:56
Seminar Videos 03:58:16
EOCQ Videos 05:21:04
Review Videos 02:38:04
Total Video Duration 23:37:20
R18: Overview of Fixed-Income Portfolio Management (01:48:10)
R19: Liability-Driven and Index-Based Strategies (04:26:41)
R20: Yield Curve Strategies (08:06:31)
R21: Fixed-Income Active Management: Credit Strategies (02:17:32)
R22: Overview of Equity Portfolio Management (00:55:11)
R23: Passive Equity Investing (01:13:43)
R24: Active Equity Investing: Strategies (02:12:45)
R25: Active Equity Investing: Portfolio Construction (02:36:47)

Book 5

Reading Videos 12:25:55
EOCQ Videos 03:08:12
Review Videos 02:49:30
Total Video Duration 18:23:37
R26: Hedge Fund Strategies (03:28:33)
R27: Asset Allocation to Alternative Investments (02:14:32)
R28: Overview of Private Wealth Management (02:43:51)
R29: Taxes and Private Wealth Management in a Global Context (02:38:08)
R30: Estate Planning in a Global Context (02:30:29)
R31: Concentrated Single-Asset Positions (02:44:53)
R32: Risk Management for Individuals (02:03:11)

Book 6

Reading Videos 09:18:59
Seminar Videos 00:14:31
EOCQ Videos 01:42:54
Review Videos 00:40:15
Total Video Duration 11:56:39
R33: Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors (04:53:26)
R34: Trade Strategy and Execution (02:47:14)
R35: Portfolio Performance Evaluation (03:10:35)
R36: Investment Manager Selection (01:05:24)